21 October 2019 8:00am23 October 2019 4:00pm

Telehealth Futures: Where to for Telehealth in Australia?

4 September 2019 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Professor Len Gray

Failures and successes in telegeriatrics

7 August 2019 12:30pm1:30pm
Presenters: Professor Len Gray and Dr Melinda Martin-Khan, Centre for Health Services Research, UQ

Being “well-behaved” – better understanding behaviour change

3 July 2019 12:30pm1:30pm
Presenter: Professor Richard Rosenkranz

Indigenous partnerships and the role of telehealth

5 June 2019 12:00pm1:30pm
Presenters: Professor Anthony Smith, Director and Dr Liam Caffery, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Online Health, Centre for Health Services Research, UQ

Performing economic evaluations for telehealth services

1 May 2019 12:00pm1:30pm
Presented by Dr Centaine Snoswell, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Health Services Research

Text-based counselling services

6 February 2019 12:00pm1:30pm


22 October 2018 8:00am24 October 2018 4:00pm

3D total body photography for early detection and screening of melanoma

10 August 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Presented by Professor Peter Soyer and Dr Anthony Raphael, Dermatology Research Centre, UQ Diamantina Institute

MeCare: Digital home monitoring for patients living with chronic diseases

1 June 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Presented by Melinda Parcell, Executive Director, Community and Rural Services, West Moreton Health

Disruption of health service delivery through interactive gaming technologies

4 May 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Presenter: Professor Stuart Smith, Southern Cross University


30 October 2017 7:30am31 October 2017 4:00pm

Digital imaging in dermatology

6 October 2017 11:00am12:00pm
A presentation by Prof Peter Soyer, Inaugural Chair in Dermatology at UQ and Director of the Dermatology Research Centre, and Dr Liam Caffery, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Services Research, UQ.