"Of the millions of outpatient appointments being reported throughout major hospitals every year, it’s important to consider the potential of telehealth as an alternative method of engaging with patients."

Professor Anthony Smith

Telehealth for spinal pain

"The treatment I received in telehealth, I believe, was as good as what I could have had in any clinic situation and being able to do it in the house was a godsend."

Elaine, Telehealth patient

Telehealth for dermatology

"Telehealth is a great opportunity for people everywhere, because it will just give them that opportunity that they need to get good and quick advice and feedback from their specialist."

Tracie, Melanoma survivor

Telehealth for speech therapy

"We have had our patients link in from their home, their workplace and even when they’re on holidays, to access their therapy sessions. It’s efficient and effective and the patients appreciate the support and the convenience that it provides them."

Dr Clare Burns, Advanced Speech Therapist

Telehealth for aged care

"The telehealth service enables me to review frail and vulnerable older people in their own environment so they don’t have to travel up to hospital to access specialist services... I’ve been quite surprised at how well patients have adapted to this medium of providing health services."

Associate Professor Ruth Hubbard

Clinicians’ experiences of using telehealth

"Our research revealed a number of practices that helped facilitate building trust in telehealth consultations."

Associate Professor Nicole Gillespie

Implementing Telehealth in BUSHkids

"It's been really fascinating to work with BUSHkids to implement telehealth in their organisation! We've learned so much about doing telehealth with children and families across different allied health services."
Jessica Campbell, UQ PhD Candidate