The CRE in Telehealth concluded in September 2019. Description of work below is not current.

The CRE in Telehealth Policy Digest has been developed by CRE researchers in response to an identified need to disseminate information about existing telehealth policies, position statements, guidelines, frameworks and standards. It is a reviewed collection of resources at a point in time, October 2015, and is a key component of the CRE in Telehealth program communication and dissemination strategy.

The aim of the Telehealth Policy Digest is to support health care practitioners and health service delivery organisations when they are considering, setting up or extending telehealth services and wish to develop their own policies, processes and standards.

The CRE Policy Digest team searched web-based resources and peer-reviewed and grey literature,  and identified relevant documents produced by health professionals’ organisations, specialist medical colleges and both federal and jurisdictional governments.

You can view the resources by organisation, by resource type, or by dimension.