Effective business processes are used throughout all themes of the CRE.

In order to facilitate acceptance and effective implementation of telehealth services across all stakeholders, models of change management, stakeholder theory and research on trust and legitimacy will be used. 

Our work

Examining the practical, business side of telehealth and its uptake

Current healthcare delivery systems are rapidly changing, incorporating technological solutions to improve the process and delivery of care. However, most medical professionals are often ill-equipped and less adequately prepared for the consequences of the new technology to their existing practice and routines, resulting to low adoption and acceptance rates.  This process-based, qualitative study examines the practice of geriatric medicine via video conference in residential aged care facilities, to understand how professional competence is enacted during the adoption of telemedicine within a new context of care.

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: Understanding Trust in Telemedicine for Virtual Healthcare Service Delivery

Increasingly, a range of services are now being offered virtually. When health care services become virtualised, it is important to understand how specialists transition to telehealth. As such, this project is examining virtual service delivery in the context of telehealth, across an array of telehealth technologies.