Presenters: Professor Anthony Smith, Director and Dr Liam Caffery, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Online Health, Centre for Health Services Research, UQ

Time: 12.00-12.30 Lunch, 12.30-13.30 Presentation (Qld time)

UQ’s Centre for Online health has been engaging with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community health services throughout Queensland for the last 15 years.  Telehealth is transforming the way health services are delivered to these Indigenous communities – in all areas including education, clinical consultation and administration.  Our experience working with these communities has given us valuable insight into the potential of telehealth, community needs and preferences, and opportunities to reduce inequality caused by distance or other logistical or cultural barriers.  

Do not hesitate to circulate the forum details to colleagues who could be interested. For more information, please contact the CRE in Telehealth team.


Translational Research Institute
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