Andrew Burton-Jones is a Professor of Business Information Systems at the UQ Business School, University of Queensland, where he also serves as Associate Director of Research Training.  Since 2015, he has been conducting a longitudinal study of the digital transformation of hospitals and health services, supported by the Australian Research Council, UQ, Metro South Health, and Queensland Health. 

This presentation will focus on insights gained about organisational culture from studying a hospital’s journey to become a ‘digital hospital.’  In particular, his case study can help us understand the concept of ‘culture work’ – the actions and doings through which culture is created, maintained, and disrupted.  He will explain why this concept might be useful for understanding the digital hospital journey.  

A light lunch will follow the forum. Do not hesitate to circulate the forum details to colleagues who could be interested.

For more information, please contact the CRE in Telehealth team.

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