Presented by Professor Peter Soyer and  Dr Anthony Raphael, Dermatology Research Centre, UQ Diamantina Institute.

When melanomas are detected early, patients have a very promising prognosis. In monitoring pigmented lesions, dermatologists have traditionally employed subjective visual assessment, clinical memory recall and, if available, 2D digital images.

The presentation will outline the clinical utility of a novel total body 3D imaging technology that will allow for objective and secure data collection providing highly advanced avatars of people imaged. These avatars enable the documentation of all skin surfaces to unprecedented levels of detail. The integration of AI-assisted diagnostic algorithms combined with a telehealth network will contribute towards a paradigm changing protocol-driven decision support system targeting healthcare services effectively, efficiently and equitably to those at greatest need.

A light lunch will follow the forum. Do not hesitate to circulate the forum details to colleagues who could be interested. For more information, please contact the CRE in Telehealth team.


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