Time: 12.00-13.30 (Qld time) – presentation starts at 12.30

Pablo Navarro is a PhD candidate from UQ School of Psychology who will present findings from two qualitative pilot studies investigating the contexts and motivations underpinning young people's use of text-based counselling services and the factors that influence the effectiveness of clinical work on these modalities. The studies investigate the perspectives of young service users and e-Mental Health professionals who utilise these interventions. His work is part of a larger study that seeks to understand the variance in effectiveness observed in e-Mental Health interventions when compared with the adult literature, in an attempt to improve clinical knowledge, practice and theory in this area.

Pablo Navarro is a registered psychologist working in private practice and at Kids Helpline. Since 2016, he has been conducting research into the effectiveness of text-based counselling services for young people, as supported by the UQ School of Psychology and Kids Helpline.

Do not hesitate to circulate the forum details to colleagues who could be interested. For more information, please contact the CRE in Telehealth team.


Seminar Room 2007
Translational Research Institute
PA Hospital Campus