November 2016

21 Nov 2016

The CRE team was delighted to hear that the excellent work of CRE post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Annie Hill was recognised with the School of Rehabilitation and Health Sciences Academic Level A Research Excellence Award for 2015. 

Kathy Dallest, who is a PhD student with the CRE, was awarded 3rd place in the UQ Pitching Research Competition Final. Kathy’s research topic is: ‘Improving Telehealth value propositions for sustainability: development of a decision tool to aid health services and consumers’. Well done Kathy!

SFT prize winnersSuccesses and Failures in Telehealth 2016: the CRE was well represented in Auckland, where SFT-16 ran in conjunction with 3 other conferences, including HiNZ 2016. CRE team members made over 20 presentations and a number won best paper awards: Associate Investigator Prof Anthony Maeder, PhD students Anthony Deacon and Centaine Snoswell. PhD candidate Nivedita Despande won the overall HiNZ poster award.