October 2015

26 Oct 2015
  • Teegan Green's winning UQ 3MT presentation "Trust me, I am a (Tele)Doctor" will soon be judged against other winners from the Universitas 21. You can vote for Teegan for the people’s choice award here. Teegan’s presentation is superbly executed and is an excellent promotion for telehealth. Should you agree, make sure you place your vote soon – a very simple two click process, and pass on to colleagues. A win at this level would be tremendous for Teegan and would reinforce efforts to raise awareness of telehealth. Watch the video of Teegan's presentation or read more here for further information. Teegan is a PhD student from UQ Business School supervised by Nicole Gillespie, Anthony Smith and Nicole Hartley.
  • Teegan Green has provided some tips on presenting at a 3MT competition. Teegan's winning UQ 3MT presentation "Trust me, I am a (Tele)Doctor" was superb. You can watch the video of Teegan's presentation or read her tips to a winning presentation here.