CRE excels at Health Symposium

28 Aug 2015

CRE excels at Health SymposiumThe University of Queensland's Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth excelled at the recent Princess Alexandra Hospital Health Symposium.

The Tranforming Discoveries to Better Health Symposium was held from 4-7 August. Staff and students of the CRE exhibited the following posters:

  • A systematic review of telemedicine services initiatives in hospitals facilities incorporating evaluation strategies - AlDossary S, Martin-Khan M, Bradford N, Smith A.
  • Telegeriatrics in small rural hospitals: a case study - Gray L, Fatehi F, Martin - Khan M, Peel N, Smith A.
  • The impact of a telecoordination service - Martin-Khan M, Fatehi F, Kezilas M, Lucas K, Gray L, Smith A.
  • Contributions of geriatric consultations via videoconferencing: an outcomes oriented study - Lee JA, Martin-Khan MG, Gray LC. (Pictured right)
  • Innovating swallowing therapy in head and neck cancer: Patient perceptions of the “SwallowIT” system - Young Investigator Awards Finalist (Clinical Posters) - Wall L, Ward E, Cartmill B, Hill A, Isenring E, Byrnes J, Porceddu S.
  • CRE excels at Health Symposium“SCREENIT”: Innovating multidisciplinary triage of head and neck cancer patients and their carers using technology - Wall L, Ward E, Cartmill B, Hill A, Isenring E, Byrnes, J, Dunn J, Chambers S, Nixon J, Whelan J, Porceddu S.
  • Telerehabilitation in the management of musculoskeletal conditions is effective and comparable to conventional modes of delivery: A systematic review and meta-analysis - Cottrel M, Galea O, O'Leary S, Hill A, Russell T.
  • Clinician experiences using telemedicine to deliver healthcare to Indigenous patients in rural Queensland - Wickramasinghe SI, Caffery LJ, Bradford NK, Smith AC. (Pictured right)
  • Preliminary steps in the development of a patient information tool for people living with diabetes in Indigenous communities - Wickramasinghe SI, Caffery LJ, Bradford NK, Smith AC. (Pictured right)

The displayed posters created much interest and discussion. Congratulations to all CRE members who presented at the symposium.